My wood working

I started wood working with my Dad, as many young men do, as a boy scout working on the classic pine wood derby car. In middle school, I took wood shop all three years and truly learned the joy of designing, planning, and building a project. I remember making all manner of things from key chains to cutting boards, boomerangs to chess sets. Now, I do more wood working than ever before and have found that nothing gives me more pleasure than building something myself.

You can view a gallery of my work here:


But just as enjoyable to me as making my own creations is sharing my passion for the art of wood working with young people. I’ve seen the joy that happens when a kid makes their own drum and hits it for the first time, stirring the air with a booming sound! During the last summer camp, as the kids were learning about wind design and how to improve their boomerangs, one young man said:

“This is so cool! We’re learning so much and making cool things. I wish school could be like this!”

If you’re child is age 13-18 and has never felt that sense of accomplishment for making something on their own, consider signing them up for one of my three day camps, or a 1 day boomerang build.