Wood Working Summer Camp!

Each summer I host a three day drumming and woodworking camp for kids.

***Summer 2016*** The July camp was a huge success! Just check out some of the photos of the cajons and boomerangs that the students made. The three day camp finished off with a drum circle (on our newly constructed drums), fire pit, singalong with family members invited to participate!

The next camp will run August 15-17! We will be building cajons and boomerangs again. These projects were incredibly fun to work on and it was an amazing learning opportunity for every kid involved. Space is limited to 5 students (age 13-18). Contact scott.tiemann@gmail.com to register.

For many of the attendees, it’s the first chance they’ve ever had to actually make something on their own in a wood shop. Last year’s project was a really cool ping pong ball gun (that can shoot ping pong balls nearly 50 ft.!

Here are some pictures from previous camps.

After the morning wood working sessions, we spend the afternoons playing a variety of percussion pieces including a four drum kit piece!