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David Garibaldi into on “Hangin’ With My Baby”

If you’re a drummer and you don’t spend serious time contemplating the genius of David Garibaldi, I think you’re missing out on some of the greatest pleasures in rhythm. He’s a master of subtlety paired with blistering technique and aggression. On my drive into work yesterday, I was checking out the album “Soul Side of Town” and right off the bat heard this gem.


Stickings are my own interpretation and might not be what was used on the recording.

Lewis Nash solo on “Milestones”

Lately I’ve been digging into the incredible drumming of Lewis Nash. While listening to a Michael Dease album, I came across this perfect half chorus drum solo. Any suggested sticking are my own thoughts and possibly not what Nash actually played. There are a couple different cymbals used, and in measure 10 there’s a left side cymbal that is most likely a second ride.

I hope you enjoy working on this and the .pdf is at the bottom of the page.


Here’s a link to the YouTube audio, and the solo starts at 5:17


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