Drum Club!

As a drum student of mine, you can come to the monthly drum club. It’s a great time where kids can meet other drummers, perform for each other, and learn some new skills on a Friday night.

Last night’s club was a tribute to the great Neil Peart of Rush. Students performed Rush songs that included “La Villa Strangiato” “YYZ” “Freewill” and “New World Man.” At the end of the night, we did a little Gahu drumming.

If you or someone you know has a child that wants to learn drumming….have them join us! Great things are happening.



Summer camps 2018!



This next summer will be one to remember with expanded camps here at my school for the arts. I’ll be teaching two woodworking camps and one percussion camp! Each of these camps will fill quickly, so register soon! Your payment via PayPal and return of the signed waiver reserves your spot.

June 27-29, 2018: Beginner Wood working I (age 11-13 and first time campers)

Projects: Returning boomerangs and Rubber band guns


Camp Description:                              Camp Waiver:

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Please send waiver forms to: mydrumlesson@hotmail.com


July 17-20, 2018: Advanced Wood working (age 14-18, first time and returning campers)

Projects: To be announced


Camp Description:                                          Camp Waiver:

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Please send waiver forms to: mydrumlesson@hotmail.com


July 25-27: Rising 9th Grade Percussion Camp


Camp Description:


Holiday Lesson Certificate

Looking for a perfect gift for your young musician? Treat them to two 1-hour drum lessons for just $60, that’s half price! This special offer is available to new students only.


Click here to purchase and I will email a printable certificate to the address associated with your PayPal purchase! Happy Holidays!


An amazing camp!

Last Thursday saw the conclusion of this summer’s woodworking camp. The five teens who attended spent an intense three days working on their projects and the results were just incredible. The campers ranged in age from 13-17 and all were able to produce remarkable final projects.


Day 1 started with an overview of the projects and an introduction to basic safety and woodworking. After moving to the shop, we started with safety specifics and each camper demonstrated safe cutting on a variety of tools. Proper use of hand tools was especially important. The first project, a repeating fire rubber band gun, was made primarily with hand tools (although two parts needed a band saw cut and the spindle sander.) Many of the kids would return to this project throughout the camp to add various designs and paint schemes.


Completed rubber band rifles with bolt action.

Toward the end of the first day we started on the larger build for the camp, a 10-key bass tongue drum. The boys learned everything from the types of wood they were using (walnut, padauk, and red oak) to how to make their own mallets.


Making use of the band saw, jig saw, table saw, and many other tools, the campers were able to make high quality tongue drums! To tune them, they carved the underside of each key using a hammer and chisel until the pitch was proper for the scale.

I know that this camp will be something that each attendee will remember forever. The camp ended with a drum circle and chance to show off what they had created to their parents and family!

Click here to sign up for information about next year’s camp.

Here are a few reactions to camp from the kids who attended:

“Not only is Scott an amazing drum teacher, he is an exceptional woodworking instructor. Scott’s ability to teach all ages with various levels of experience is shown through the final project of the camp. When camp ends you will have a smile on your face, new friends, and something that you created with your own hands. ”

– KV, age 17

“It was fun and involved. When you finish, you get something you’re proud of that is high quality. It is very calm and is a good learning experience.”

– HY, age 15

“This camp was really cool. I was nervous at first, but Scott helped me a lot and taught me a lot about safety. I love showing everyone what I made. I definitely want to do this camp again next year!”

      – AB, age 13

“Although it was the first experience with woodworking I had in my life, Scott’s camp was as fun and informative as anything he arranges. Before we began working with the tools, I was reluctant to become involved. Scott and the other campers were all inviting and willing to help, so almost immediately, I was excited to begin working. Camp was fascinating. Woodworking was much more compelling than I would have imagined. The satisfaction of creating something, putting in the effort to make it your own, and feeling the progress as it happened was amazing. I looked forward to attending camp, and I enjoyed sharing my experiences with those who would listen. Furthermore, I should add that the rubber-band gun works well, and the tongue drum sounds fantastic. This was truly an unforgettable experience and an important life skill.”

                                                                           -LB, age 15





I’m already planning the camp for next summer! If your child is between 13-18 years old and interested in joining, contact me at MyDrumLesson@hotmail.com


Summer camp 2017! Tongue drums and bird houses.

I’m happy to announce the dates and projects for this summer’s Woodworking camp.

Teens age 13-18 are welcome to attend, and it will certainly be a highlight of their summer.

Camp this summer will run July 25-27 and the kids will start by building a bird house using hand tools. We will discuss what native birds are in need of homes and what designs best suit them. The campers will then proceed by choosing a design, planning, and building a bird house.

Once completed, they will move on to create a 10 note bass tongue drum and mallets. This incredible instrument has a calming and mysterious tone. Tuned with a minor pentatonic scale (which we’ll discuss and learn about) the campers will build from scratch a beautiful instrument to hear and see. The result will be similar to the instrument seen in the YouTube video below:



The cost of this camp is $250 (or $200 for those currently taking drum lessons with me), which includes three days of instruction in woodworking, all materials, and dinner on the third night around a camp fire where we’ll play our completed instruments with family and friends welcome to attend.


Registration: If you’re interested in signing your child up for this wood working summer camp, please read and complete the below waiver and email it to Scott.Tiemann@gmail.com


This camp is limited to 6 participants and it fills quickly each year, so please accept my apologies if the camp is already filled when your Waiver is received. Your child’s spot will be reserved once you’ve paid the camp fee via the Paypal link below. The fee is fully refundable up to 1 week before camp, and refundable minus project materials up to 1 day before camp.





Drum Club Friday February 24, 2017

Next Drum Club is Friday February 24, 2017 and it’s going to be amazing.

The evening will feature a clinic on hand drums with my good friend Mark Merella.

RSVP now if you’d like to attend.


Drum Club Fun!

This past Friday night the monthly drum club met and had an incredible night. Clinician Kirk Allen Kubicek (drummer for My Son Bison) wowed everyone with an in depth demonstration of polyrhythms on the drum set. The kids all got to try out the various exercises and ask questions to Kirk. After the clinic, we took some of the concepts that he’d presented and built some fierce rhythms on the hand drums!

Add in a spaghetti dinner and lots of laughs, prizes, and smiles and you get another great night of drum club. Next drum club will be Friday February 24th, 2017!

Drum club is open to current percussion students (or any child 12-18 with an interest in learning to play the drums and meet other like minded kids). Email mydrumlesson@hotmail.com for more information or to RSVP for the next “Club Meeting”