Lewis Nash solo on “Milestones”

Lately I’ve been digging into the incredible drumming of Lewis Nash. While listening to a Michael Dease album, I came across this perfect half chorus drum solo. Any suggested sticking are my own thoughts and possibly not what Nash actually played. There are a couple different cymbals used, and in measure 10 there’s a left side cymbal that is most likely a second ride.

I hope you enjoy working on this and the .pdf is at the bottom of the page.


Here’s a link to the YouTube audio, and the solo starts at 5:17


You can Support Michael Dease, Lewis Nash and all jazz artists by visiting their websites, BUYING their albums, and seeing them play live. Also, reach out to them and let them know how much you enjoy what they do.

Drum Lessons!

Lessons at Scott Tiemann’s School for the Arts are really special!

First, we’ve got a full set of timpani, mallet instruments, world percussion including traditional Brazilian samba drums, two drum kits and more. Second, I take hearing protection and hearing loss seriously! Students have hearing protection for every lesson and are taught practice techniques that put safe volumes at the forefront.

Next, Drum Club! The monthly get together for students to share what they’re working on with a constructive peer group. Pizza, pinball, and a vinyl record for anyone who attends.

Oh, and recitals at UMBC’s amazing Music Box Theater.

Did I mention summer wood working camp where we build our own instruments?

And marching band cadence writing and winter drum line?

And a free first lesson?

Wifi and coffee for parents who wait around?

Help finding used drum kits that are just right for each student.

And so much more. Spread the word…..Now accepting new students.


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Next Drum Club, October 25th, 6-9 pm

Fall is here and Drum Club is starting up again! The first one for this school year will be October 25th, from 6-9 p.m. The theme of this Drum Club will be METALLICA and the drumming of the legendary Lars Ulrich!

Drum Club is a fun night for anyone 13-18 who loves drums, percussion, pinball, prizes, and Pizza! Cost is $20 a person and includes food and an LP record prize. If your child is interested in attending, contact Scott Tiemann at scott.tiemann@gmail.com.

Here are a few photos from previous drum club nights.


A fantastic summer!

Each summer I offer wood working camps to teens. It’s a fantastic couple weeks of summer. The camps offer an opportunity to reach back to an almost forgotten experience….planning, drawing, and making a project in the wood shop. The camps are 4 or 5 days hard work and lots of fun. The older kids this year completed Adirondack chairs while the younger campers made a set of wooden bongos. Enjoy these pictures from the truly magical experience.


Next year’s camps will take place next July 21 thru 31. Contact now to be put on an information list and get updates on when registration will open. Both camps will fill to capacity early!

Next drum club, Friday May 3, 6-9 p.m.!

It’s back for one more go before taking a break for the summer. The next Drum Club will be held Friday night May 3, from 6-9 p.m.

Drum Club is a super fun night of drumming, pinball, food, and prizes. Kids from 12-18 are welcome to attend and the cost is $20. This month’s evening will feature former Glenelg drummer Kirk Allen Kubicek giving a clinic on his approach to modern drum set playing. Kirk’s a favorite with many kids who’ve come to drum club in the past and I’m excited to have him back.

If you’re child is interested in attending, sign up here: Sign Up!


Or please email me at scott.tiemann@gmail.com!



2019 Summer Camps!

I’m excited to announce my woodworking summer camps for 2019.

July 15-19, 2019 will be my advanced woodworking camp for kids 14-18 years old, who are returning campers or campers with prior school based woodworking experience.

July 24-26, 2019 will be my beginners woodworking camp for kids 11+ or first time campers with no prior woodworking experience.

Read More Here!!!


Next Drum Club February 8, 2019, 6-9 p.m.

Hello everyone and happy new year!

The next meeting of the drum club will be on February 8th from 6-9 p.m. and will be amazing! We had such a fun time at the December club. Pizza, pinball, and percussion! The drum club is open to all young musicians 10-18 years old and the cost is $20, this includes food and prizes! Feel free to bring a friend along with you!

If you’d like to come, please sign up here:

February 8, 2019 Drum Club Sign Up

At the last event, former Student Kevin Goren (Drummer for Stacked Like Pancakes) gave a lot of good information to the young drummers and they asked some really good questions about what it’s like to tour a professional band. Here are some pictures from the night.

12-7-18_Drum_Club_Spencer12-7-18_Drum_Club_Max (1)12-7-18_Drum_Club_Crowd_3 (1)12-7-18_Drum_Club_Pinball_NR12-7-18_Drum_Club_Crowd


Next Drum Club, December 7, 2018!

I’m super excited to announce the next meeting of the drum club! Kids 10-18 are welcome to attend this event on December 7, 2018 from 6-9 p.m. As always, there will be lots of food, games, and prizes! Also, there are opportunities to get up and play what you’ve been working on for the group. Some kids are playing their Led Zeppelin songs from last months celebration of John Bonham. Others are getting a jump start on the Police and the drumming of Stewart Copeland.

The night will feature a drum presentation and Q&A with a former student of mine, Kevin Goren. Kevin recently completed a summer long tour with Stacked Like Pancakes on the Vans Warped Tour. Kevin is a current music and business major at Towson and a fine young drummer. This will be a real highlight event!

Cost is $20 per student. If you bring a friend with you who isn’t a current student, it’s only $15 each.

RSVP via email: scott.tiemann@gmail.com



An Incredible Week of Woodworking!

Last Friday saw the end of an incredible week for six students at my summer Woodworking camp. This is the 6th year that I’ve held this camp and each year end up being a highlight of the summer for the kids.

Our projects this year were Cigar Box Guitars and Infinity Mirrors. The camp is always structured where we start with a warm up project that allows the boys to make simple cuts on a few different tools. Then we move to the more intricate project, in this case a three string cigar box guitar with our own homemade beer bottle slide.


The parts for our Cigar Box Guitars were purchased from C. B. Gitty supply company and I would highly recommend them. Fast service and quality product (C. B. Gitty)

Each day of camp starts with a morning meeting where we lay out goals for the day and I get input from the campers about how their projects are going, ideas they have, and we can discuss bigger issues like the importance of craft, how they can continue to draw from these skills even when camp is over, and ideas for future camps. Then we head out to the wood shop and get things set up for the day.

The infinity mirror is a cool optical illusion that was once featured on the original Star Trek tv series. The boys made oak boxes with routed slots to hold a mirror on one side, and a one way mirrored plastic on the other. Then they learned some basic soldering to connect a strip of blue LED lights to a power adapter. Once mounted inside the box, the blue LED reflection bounces between the mirrored surfaces to create depth. One camper, after turning his box on said, “I think I’m just going to stare at this forever.” Take that YouTube!

Our main project was the Cigar Box Guitar. Starting with hand selected Red Oak, the kids looked at guitar headstock images and picked the shape that they wanted to make. They cut out templates from clear plastic (so I’ll have them on hand for future years!) and mae the cuts on a band saw. On the first day, they also began the process of getting the necks to fit into the cigar boxes with a coping saw as the main tool of choice.

Day two was used to glue up the infinity mirror boxes and shape the guitar necks. I try to impart to the campers that the joy of woodworking is found in the process as much as the product and that one main goal for the camp is to find the patient person that lives inside themselves. This is an emphasis of the camp that I come back to. Often a student will come to show me their work and I’ll see a bit of a visible scratch on the wood and I’ll mention gently “Let’s see if you can get this last scratch out, you’ll be glad you did.” They always go back and take that little bit more time for a better result.

Making the beer bottle slides was fun! After emptying out the beer bottles…into the sink, the kids learned to use a glass scoring tool to mark the neck where they wanted their slide to begin. Then, wearing thick leather gloves and using a large clamp, they alternated holding the bottle in boiling water and then ice water until the neck popped off the bottle. A heavy dose of sanding created perfect slides to use with the blues!

My favorite part of this camp is that the learning goes beyond just woodworking. First, the kids learn to help each other and share information on how to accomplish different tasks. With this set of projects, the kids also became more interested in blues music, homemade instruments and their history (we watched a documentary on the history of making your own instruments). They also left with a much better understanding of how guitars work, soldering (as I mentioned) and just a whole host of other skills.

There’s such a need in this world to bring back the art of building something for yourself, basic skills of woodworking, and the freedom to design something creatively within a set of instructions. I can’t wait until next summer to run this camp again!

Previous summer woodworking camps have included the following projects: Scroll saw ornaments, ping-pong ball guns, bass tongue drums, cajon box drums, rapid fire rubber-band machine guns, returning boomerangs, and more!

If you’re interested in your child (age 13-18) attending a future camp, please email me at MyDrumLesson@hotmail.com



Summer Percussion Camp for Rising 9th Graders

I’m so excited to announce this camp! It will be limited to a maximum of 10 students and there will be a final performance for friends and families at the end of the 3 days.  Click on the Summer Camps button to read more!