One of the best ways to learn specific drum parts, aside from critical listening, is to have a transcription of the actual part.  As a young drummer, I first studied well-written transcriptions along with the recording to get an accurate picture of what was happening.  Over time, I learned to transcribe parts on my own and have compiled quite a collection in 25 years of drumming.

While these transcriptions are available free of charge, a $1 offering per download would be appreciated (*please click on the “PayPal” button if you’re willing to show your support).


Life and Times – “Muscle Cars” PayPal-PayNow-Button75x15  music_notes_normal25x25


The Locust – “Hot Tubs Full of Brand New Fuel” PayPal-PayNow-Button75x15 music_notes_normal25x25
The National – “Mistaken for Strangers” PayPal-PayNow-Button75x15   music_notes_normal25x25


Jawbreaker – “Chemistry” PayPal-PayNow-Button75x15 music_notes_normal25x25

One of my all time favorite songs and a great one for students looking to learn some history!


Burning Airlines – “Tasty Kake” PayPal-PayNow-Button75x15 music_notes_normal25x25

Here is a transcription of a great Burning Airlines song called TastyKake.  Drummer Peter Moffett really tears it up, especially with an odd grouping fill in the opening section.


Over the years, I’ve transcribed hundreds of examples of jazz drumming. While I often concentrate on the drum solo, I find it just as thrilling to explore the playing that a drummer does behind another soloist. Here’s an example from one of my favorite drummer, Shelley Manne.

This “Time and Trades” is from his recording “The Navy Swings.” The song is “It Could Happen to You” and the example comes from Shelley’s playing behind Richie Kamuka’s saxophone solo.

PayPal-PayNow-Button75x15 music_notes_normal25x25


Shelley Manne – “I’m an Old Cowhand” PayPal-PayNow-Button75x15 music_notes_normal25x25

Here’s another Manne excerpt. This is the great solo turn he takes on Sonny Rollins song “I’m an Old Cowhand” from the 1957 release “Way Out West.”


Alice In Chains – “Check My Brain” PayPal-PayNow-Button75x15 music_notes_normal25x25

Basic song with solid playing and predictable structure.


Queen – “Bohemian Rhapsody” PayPal-PayNow-Button75x15 music_notes_normal25x25

A true classic and super fun to play!


The Cars – “Just What I Needed” PayPal-PayNow-Button75x15 music_notes_normal25x25

A great song for an intermediate level drum student.


Drake “Hotline Bling” PayPal-PayNow-Button75x15 music_notes_normal25x25

The drum part to this song, if played as it was programmed, is deceptively hard! A simpler groove would work and sound just fine, but try to wrap your mind around what is really happening here. It’s fun.


A-Ha – “Take on Me” (transcription L. Bruner) PayPal-PayNow-Button75x15 music_notes_normal25x25


Billy Joel – “All for Leyna” (transcription L. Bruner) PayPal-PayNow-Button75x15 music_notes_normal25x25


Billy Joel – “Ballad of Billy the Kid” (trans. L.Bruner) PayPal-PayNow-Button75x15 music_notes_normal25x25


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