As a Level 1 certified Handwriting Without Tears instructor, I am excited and happy to help your child achieve school readiness, success in the classroom, and improved confidence and speed with their handwriting and note taking.

Handwriting Without Tears is a proven method to teach the fundamental strategies of proper handwriting, something that is lacking in many school settings today. Here is a .pdf showing a link between HWT curriculum and higher scores in the classroom.

Handwriting Efficacy

I work not only with children in K-5, using a blend of music, movement, and games to approach writing…but I also specialize in helping the middle school child and early high school young adult who wants to learn cursive but was never taught. Is your child’s signature almost unreadable, or looks like that of a much younger child? Help is just a call away and the learning will always be fun, productive, and focused.

As a licensed and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, I’ve worked with all types of children, including those on every part of the autism spectrum.

If you’re interested in improving your child’s handwriting and school readiness, please fill out the following information form and either mail or email it back to me.

Handwriting Information Form