Upcoming Events

On this page I’ll display the details of upcoming events, drum circles, concerts, clinics and other musical or cultural goings-on that I think might be of interest.

August 15-17…I will be holding another Cajon/Boomerang building three day camp for students age 13-18. There are only 5 spots available, so inquire quickly. This will be the last wood working workshop for the summer. See the Wood Working page for more details!

March 11, 2016…

Drum Club!

Drum Club is a monthly event that brings students with all different levels of experience together to play, share, learn, and see local and national clinicians.

The next meeting of the monthly Friday night drum club is March 11, 2016.

This fun evening is open to drum students aged 12-18 and will feature percussion ensemble playing, hand drumming, games, pizza, and more. We’ll also watch a 30 minutes film featuring Taiko drummers. If your child is interested in attending, please contact Scott at 410-484-6046. Cost is $25 for Non-students to cover food and clinician, $20 for current students.


Student Recital Program!

Here’s a .pdf copy of the program for the May 22nd recital.  Feel free to print as a keepsake, or refer back to it if there was a song you’d like to try!

Recital Program

Student Recital Flyer!

I am hosting a recital for my students on Saturday May 22nd, 2010.

Click the following link for a .doc that you can print and give to family members/friends.



I am playing a wonderful concert with Greg Thompkins, Brian Koogen, and Lafayette Gilchrist  in Timonium on June 5th.  Click the link below to view the .pdf Concert Poster.

june5_2010 concert poster

5 responses to “Upcoming Events

  1. Hey Scott,

    I had a great time at your drum circle and samba classes. Looking forward upcoming events!


  2. Barbara Conrad

    Hi Scott I wondered if you are still planning on doing the Samba Street Band for the 4th of July parade? I’d love to hear more about that. thanks!

    • Hi Barbara,

      So sorry for the late reply. I didn’t do the samba parade this summer. Just so much going on with me being back in school. However, I’m planning on starting a monthly samba group that goes year round. One get together a month, and a few extras in June. Hopefully this could turn into something really cool for Baltimore! If you’re interested, please let me know.


  3. Hi
    I wish to purchase ‘Six Levels of Rock Drumming’ by Scott. Amazon will not post to my address as I’m in the UK.
    Is there a way around this?



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