Summer 2021 is Underway!

The first two camps for summer 2021 are done and a fun time was had by all! The weather cooperated perfectly for the first High School Advanced class. Two campers made beautiful Adirondack chairs that they’re incredibly proud of. From arriving on day one and being shown a stack of boards….to leaving 4 days later with completed chairs, I don’t think they imagined how much they’d accomplish. The second camp wrapped up this past Friday and the weather dealt us a few surprises. The first day of camp was 97 degrees with a heat index of 105! Needless to say, our pace was slower and we took frequent breaks for the air conditioning. Day two switched things up and drenched the wood shop with rain and heavy thunderstorms. Finally though, Friday arrived with gorgeous low 80’s and sunshine. Perfect for those finishing top coats on the projects and a great cook out! Enjoy the photos below to get a glimpse into all the fun and action.

There’s something so special to watch these kids step out of their virtual worlds and grab a tape measure and a set of plans. At first, there’s questions on all sides. “What am I supposed to be doing?” “How do I start?” But by the end of camp, I hear statements like “I’m going to go attach the vertical slats now” and “Next I want to try and build a small table to go with this.” The progression is so priceless to me.

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