Summer camps 2018!



This next summer will be one to remember with expanded camps here at my school for the arts. I’ll be teaching two woodworking camps and one percussion camp! Each of these camps will fill quickly, so register soon! Your payment via PayPal and return of the signed waiver reserves your spot.

June 27-29, 2018: Beginner Wood working I (age 11-13 and first time campers)

Projects: Returning boomerangs and Rubber band guns


Camp Description:                              Camp Waiver:

Microsoft_Word_2013_logo.svg                                            Microsoft_Word_2013_logo.svg

Please send waiver forms to:


July 17-20, 2018: Advanced Wood working (age 14-18, first time and returning campers)

Projects: To be announced


Camp Description:                                          Camp Waiver:

Microsoft_Word_2013_logo.svg                                                             Microsoft_Word_2013_logo.svg

Please send waiver forms to:


July 25-27: Rising 9th Grade Percussion Camp


Camp Description:



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