Meet Cale Parks…one of my favorite drummers.

To put it simply, I love watching great drummers drum.

On this blog, I will regularly introduce you to some of my favorite drummers.  I’ll always have good video footage of them doing their thing, and a transcription to help you understand better how they’re making all that racket!  I hope you enjoy these drum profiles as much as I do.  Of course, there’s nothing as good as actually seeing these people perform live!  Hopefully, some of this up-close footage that I’ve taken can amplify that experience.

There is one thing I’d like to emphasize: if you like the song/sound/drummer that you see, please support them by buying real/hard copies of their records and cds.  Then, go see them in concert to get a real education! Also, buy a shirt for your next day at school.  The best way to support creative music is with your wallet.

The first drummer that I’d even consider featuring here is Cale Parks.  I’ve known Cale for a few years now, and recently brought him down to Ellicott City, MD to give a drum clinic.  It was Cale’s first clinic to give, and my first clinic to host.  And, I think you’ll agree after watching the following video, the result speak for themselves.  We had about 40 drummers, young and old, in attendance.  This blog is partially timed to the release of Aloha’s newest recording “Home Acres.”  Which means, you’re lucky!  A whole bunch of great new songs to enjoy.

Cale Parks

Cale Parks

Cale’s drumming can be called ‘organic’ and ‘earthy’, along with  ‘jazzy’ and ‘flowing.’  I’ve heard him compared to Mitch Mitchell and other great artists before.  But maybe the best compliment I can give is that every person I’ve turned on to Cale’s music digs it.  Simple as that.  He’s a beautifully thoughtful drummer, and an amazing musician.  I’d like to quickly give another nod to Keith Larson of Mid-Atlantic Drums for lending us an absolutely beautiful Maryland Drum set for Cale to play on.

I’ve got almost two hours of footage from the clinic that I’ll put up from time to time, or if you’d like a copy of the whole thing on DVD something could be worked out (with money going to cover costs and to Cale.)

Today I’m putting up great footage of Cale playing the Aloha song “All the Wars.”  It’s powerful and clean drumming, with a nod to the popular 6/8 Afro-Cuban back-beat groove.  You can find this song on the cd “Here Comes Everyone,” which is a must for any rock and roll library.

First, here’s a .pdf transcription of the album version of “All the Wars.”  It follows closely what you’ll see here live.


Two other things I’d like to mention.  If this transcription/video helps you learn how to play All the Wars, please make a video of yourself playing along to the track, or just as a solo!  I’m sure Cale would be happy to check out young drummers learning some of his grooves.  If you post to you tube and comment this blog with the video link, I’ll repost with your video.

Secondly, with the .pdf and video available, have you considered a small donation to keep this type of information coming?  Check out the donate page if you’re able to give even as little as $1.  It’s all very helpful.

Finally, visit Aloha online at or


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