Summer 2021 Woodworking Camps…coming soon!

Looking ahead…

2020 has been a challenging year for so many people and there was no exception for the world of summer camps. At the beginning of June I wasn’t even completely sure that I’d hold any camps at all this year. Luckily, by reducing the number of campers to 3 per session and by instituting a wide variety of new safety protocols we were able to run 7 woodworking camps this year!

Now I’m starting to plan for 2021 and, hopefully, a return to a more normal way of doing things. Typically camps can accommodate 5 or 6 kids each and are divided by age and experience level. Each camp features a main project that all the campers build and then a chance to design their own project and learn the skills of drafting, planning, choosing the woods and finally building. This past summer, campers created things like wind chimes, picture frames, light boxes, boomerangs, ping pong ball shooters and even Mjolnir….Thor’s Hammer!

If you have a child that might be interested in joining the fun for Summer 2021 please fill out the Google Form and I’ll add you to the email list. Camps fill very quickly with limited spacing so definitely get on the mailing list.

Enjoy a few photos from this past summer!

Wood Working Camp #3

This was the high school camp and I had three attendees. The main project was a very cool dragon chest. There’s one still being finished up and I’ll add a photo of it once it’s complete, along with its builder. Two of the campers worked on this chest. The third was finishing up work on an older project….Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir! No kidding, this thing turned out amazingly well. Needless to say, he spent the last two days of camp starting work on StormBreaker.

The high school camp is for kids 14 and up with at least one year of the Beginner wood working camp under their belts.

Summer Wood Working Camp #5

Yesterday saw the finish of the final wood working camp for summer 2020. It was an amazing 3 days in the shop. Two good friends attended and had a fantastic time designing and building several projects. Both kids were returning campers, so they know their way around the shop and how to safely use the various tools.

The first project, as it was for all the kids this summer, was a set of shelves for their bedroom. For this group, we used a beautiful piece of heart pine that had been given to me by a friend. Taking the timber from a rough sawn board to something to hang on the wall was quite a process! As you can see, the pine takes a wonderful stain and the final pieces look stunning,


The second project was also repeated at several camps this summer…a dragon design wall art piece. This is actually the lid to a clever chest, but for the middle schoolers we stop at something to decorate the room. They can return later to finish the chest if they want.


Finally, for returning campers, I have the kids pick design and build their own project. One of the kids wanted to build a light box frame for a photo of his Grandfather, Father and himself as a baby. Then he wood-burned their names around the frame. It was such a meaningful project for him! And…the result speaks for itself:


There’s nothing else like a week in a wood shop. The smells of the beautiful wood, the choosing of materials, the planning and the dreaming! I have a talk with each student that this is their week to dream, to build! What do they want their world to look like? Well…make it!

If you have kids who would be interested in learning the skills of wood working, contact me at

This fall I’ll be continuing to run weekend and weekday builds for children 13-18 years old. Currently, I prefer a limit of 2-3 in a class that know each other and have already been socializing around each other (siblings, friends, etc.)

Summer Wood Working Camp #4

We’re all figuring this pandemic safety dance out day by day, right? The wood shop is rocking this summer with happy kids and great projects! We’ve got our masks, our face shields, our wood working gloves, and we’re all smiling with our eyes.

Just finished a two day camp for some younger makers. Wall art is what we came up with and each camper designed their own, from the size, to the design and colors. And check out how cool they look!


To make this project, the kids started with raw cut lumber, planed, sawed, sanded and mitered a frame. Then they took to the scroll saw for their design. Finally, they installed keyhole hangers on the back and added a coat of shellac to protect the work.

Here are a few other pictures from the two days. Enjoy!

Summer Wood Working Camp #2

We just finished an exciting week at wood working camp #2 and I must say that all the extra “to-do’s” when dealing with Corona aren’t dampening the excitement and wonder of wood working at all for these kids. Safety will always be first at any of the camps that I teach, and, as circumstances change from year to year, I’ll update workshop guidelines as needed.

The camp included four really exceptional kids doing great work. The first project was a set of floating shelves for their bedrooms. With a cool three board design, the kids learned measuring, cutting, finishing and some tricky biscuit joinery.  Project two was a personalized box with a scrolled design for the top. I love seeing what the kids choose for their design! This year we had a turtle, a hawk, an umbrella with rain drops, and a set of stars. Each one turned out very good and I love to think what treasures they might end up holding.

Finally, the kids each picked their own independent project. For this we had a ping pong ball launcher, an infinity mirror, a set of wind chimes and a family picture frame with a wood burned design.

The next camp will be this coming Tuesday the 28th and the following week is camp #4! If you have a teen who enjoys building and might want to learn the art of wood working, please let me know.

My favorite moment is when a camper makes a really well executed step like drilling a perfect hole on the drill press and I hear them say “That was so satisfying!”

Here are some pics from the past week:



Summer 2020, Woodworking Camp #1

Donning masks, face shields, wood working gloves, and all the while keeping socially distanced….I just finished the first of the 2020 Summer wood working camps. You know, it’s no big deal doing this safety dance. The kids were happy to go along and were helpful, tidy, and really excited to be making something of this summer.

This three day camp included two brothers and it was fun to watch them work together and help each other. The projects were ping pong ball guns (along with a somewhat successful hydro-painting attempt) and a Dragon scrolled wall hanging. I learned a lot planning a camp for just two kids…normally there would have been 6. Instead, I’ve split things up and will host a total of 5 camps this summer!

All in all, it was very successful and (as always) I’m amazed at how wonderfully the projects turned out. Take a look below. The kids made a wall art hanging with a dragon scroll saw cutting. These were both first time wood workers! They showed amazing patience and they stuck to a tricky project.



Fingers Crossed for Summer 2020!

Hello everyone! It’s been almost a month now that we’ve been stuck indoors, trying to do our part to control the spread of Covid-19. I hope that all of you and your families are staying safe and well during this time.

One of my favorite times of the year is the two weeks in the summer that I teach wood working to teens. Check out some of the great photos from years past!

There’s just something magical about building things from wood. And, the smiles you see in these photos proves it. I’m amazed at the creativity, workmanship, and care that all the campers have shown towards their projects. In the past we’ve made; returning boomerangs, cajons (box drums), tongue drums, Adirondack chairs, cigar box guitars and more!

This summer, 2020, the camps will run July 21-24 for the 12-14 year olds, and July 27-31 for the 14-18 year olds. Camps are limited to 6 students in each group and all the work is done outside with plenty of space to spread out and responsibly distance from each other.

Safety is, of course, my biggest concern with anyone here at the shop. The camps are fully insured, and the shop and household is inspected yearly and has received a perfect report each year I’ve run the camp. Every student gets one on one instruction anytime a power tool is used, and everything in the shop is clearly labeled and easy to use. And this year we’ll be adding even more rigorous cleaning and distancing protocols.

If you’ve got a young one who has an inclination to try their hand at wood working, these camps might be a good option for your summer. You can find more information in the post below. And, let me know if I can answer any more questions that you have.

Summer 2020 Wood Working Camps!

I’m excited to announce my woodworking summer camps for 2020.

July 27-31, 2020 will be my advanced woodworking camp for kids 14-18 years old, who are returning campers or campers with prior school based woodworking experience.

Advanced Camp Information


July 21-24, 2020 will be my beginner-intermediate woodworking camp for kids 12-15 or first time campers with no prior woodworking experience.

Beg/Int Camp Information


Nick C’s rudimental Carol of the Bells

From time to time I’ll have a student do something truly creative and excellent that I want to share. Here’s a super hip video of some rudimental chops by Nick C. I’ve been fortunate to work with Nick over the years and teach his high school drumline.

Enjoy this Holiday treat!

Dave Weckl “Bessie’s Blues” first 12 bar solo

There’s no comparison to the amazing playing of Dave Weckl, especially when paired with Chick Corea. The song “Bessie’s Blues” from the first Akoustic Band recording has inspired and mystified me for years. I’ve finally attempted to figure out what is going on.  The spread out triplets in bar 6 and 7 might come down to a “feel” thing, and playing along at a slow tempo could suggest a more clear way to write it. But, this general framework has been helpful for me.